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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I tried to join the site but my transaction was declined. When I checked my bank account, there is a pending charge for the mebnership fee. How come I do not have access?
A: If your attempted membership transaction is declined due to incorrect address information or an incorrect three digit security code from your credit card (cvv2 code), your bank may still place a hold for the amount of the attempted transaction. However, this hold will be released in three to five business days. WARNING: Multiple attempts to join the site using incorrect address or scurity code information may result in multiple holds being placed on the available funds in your bank account. If you are unsuccessful in joining for this reasi=on, you should contact your bank to find out what the descrepancy is before trying again.

Q: Which video formats does your site offer?.
A: is proud to offer the four major video formats for it's customers; Windows Media, Flash, Real Media and Quicktime. Watch em all or choose your favorite!

Q: I want to cancel my automatic billing. How do I do this.
A: In the customer service area, you will find a link to cancel your automatic billing. Click the tab called "Your Payment History". Under your product you will note a link called "cancel". Simply click this word and you are done. Your automatic billing will be canceled immediately upon successful submission. If submission is not successful, you will be advised to try again. The information submitted must match exactly what was used upon sign-up. There is also a link placed at the bottom of your welcome e-mail.Ssimply clicking on this link will instantly cancel your automatic billing. Once the automatic billing is canceled, access to the site will remain until the expiration date of the current subscription term.

Q: I want to change my login information, how do I accomplish this?
A: Simply log into your profile using "member login" from the menu. This will allow you to change your password, email address as well as other personal info.

Q: If I cancel my account, will I still have access to the site for my full membership period?
A: Since we do not offer subscription periods of less than thirty days, cancellation affects only the automatic billing cycle of the subscription. If you only wish you subscription to last thirty days, it is safest to cancel the automatic billing immediately upon joining. If you wish to wait, you must cancel the automatic billing no later than the day prior to the renewal date in order to avoid being rebilled for the next thirty day period..

Q: When I try to watch the real player videos, they appear to be choppy, blurry or start and stop a lot. Is there something I can do to imptove the quality?
A: If this is consistently a problem, your Real Player connection speed may be set too high. Despite what your high speed internet provider tells you, you will not get full speed connections all the time. Open your real player on your desktop. From the menu at the top select "tools", "preferences", you will see a window divided in two parts. On the left hand side is a menu tree. Click on the word "connections". On the right side of the window you will now see your connection speed. For DSL cable the MINIMUM speed should be set no higher than 256mbps. For dialup it should be set no higher than 28.8. This usually clears up intermittent connections such as you describe.

Q: When I try to Watch The videos, all I get is a black screen that has a little red "x" in the upper left-hand corner. What is the problem?
A: This means that you either do not have the selected player installed on your computer or that it is no longer functioning properly. At least one of the four video players is required to watch the videos on this site. To rectify the situation, click on the "download" button on the video player page to get the correct player for your selected format.

Q: I have a Mac utilizing OSX, will the videos play for me?
A: In some cases, Mac user using OSX have a problem viewing the videos using Real Playerm flash player or windows media player. However, the site offers Quicktime videos which are most compatible with macs!

Customer Service Phone/Fax: 1 (213) 625-2000
Business Hours from Monday-Saturday 8am to 5pm PACIFIC TIME